Chicken Brooder Cage

Chicken brooder cage is generally used for raising chicks or chicks up to 13 weeks of age. Chicken brooder cages are generally divided into two types: A type and H type. The bottom net of the chicken cage is denser and has a square shape.

Advantages of chicken brooder cage

  1. The most environmentally friendly electrostatic spraying process is adopted in China, which is corrosion-resistant, beautiful in appearance, and has a service life of more than 10-20 years;
  2. It is convenient to observe the growth of chicks, easy to group and select;
  3. Automatic and regular manure removal effectively reduces the disease infection rate and mortality of chicks; (requires an automatic manure removal system)
  4. The feeding trough is equipped with an adjustment plate, which can meet the feeding of chicks at different growth stages;
  5. There are enough places for feeding and drinking, and the uniformity and health of the chickens are good.
  6. Compared with flat raising, the feeding amount of chicks per unit area of ​​chicken brooder cage is increased by 75% – 100% compared with the traditional feeding amount;
  7. The pressure regulator can adjust the water pressure to a certain amount, and the water supply of each nipple drinker is evenly distributed to ensure sufficient water supply for the chicks;
  8. Chicken brooder cage can be equipped with automatic feeding equipment, automatic water supply system and automatic manure cleaning system to realize equipment
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Chicken brooder cage feeding precautions

  1. Temperature:
    After the chicks are out of the shell and bought back, the temperature should be controlled within 34-35 ℃ in the first week, and from the second week onwards, it will drop by 2 ℃ every week until the dewarming stops in the sixth week. The method of heat preservation depends on the number of chickens. Cardboard boxes and light bulbs can be used for less chickens, that is, put the chicks in the box, hang a light bulb of about 60W, and put water bottles and food troughs together. The indoor is heated with a coal stove, but the soot is discharged outdoors through an iron pipe. In order to ensure the accuracy of the temperature, in addition to checking the condition of the chicks, a thermometer should be hung in the room, and the feces should be removed together.
  2. Lighting:
    In the first week of brooding, 24 hours of light is required to ensure that the chicks can eat and drink day and night to promote growth and development, and then reduce by 2 hours per week until the lights are not turned on at night. Lighting and heat preservation can be combined, carton brooding, if the temperature is not good, you can add boiling water, wrap it in a container with cloth, and place it in the box for heating.
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