Chick Brooder Cage

Chick brooder cage consists of a cage, a cage body, a feed trough and a manure tray (board). The general cage is 2 meters long, 1.5 meters high, 0.5 meters wide, 30 cm above the ground, and each layer is 40 cm. It is divided into 3 layers, each layer has 4 cages, and each rack has 12 cages. There is a space of 10 cm between the upper and lower cages to put in the manure tray (or manure tray). The manure bearing tray (board) can be fixed, and the manure scraping board can be used to scrape the manure; it can also be movable, and the manure removal hair can be exchanged regularly every day or every other day to make it better to move.

Each chick brooder cage is surrounded by a fence made of iron wire, bamboo or wooden strips. The feed trough and the drinking fountain can be arranged outside the fence, and the chicks will put their heads out to eat and drink through the fence. The bottom of the cage can be made of iron wire with a mesh size of no more than 1.2 cm, so that the chicken manure falls into the manure tray.

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Advantage of chick brooder cage

  1. Compared with traditional farming methods, chick brooder cage occupies a small area and has many layers, generally three to four layers, up to 10 layers.
  2. The chick brooder cage can obtain more feeding area, improve the survival rate of chicks, and have higher benefits.
  3. It is convenient for maintenance and repair, and the cage system can be controlled according to the prompt steps.
  4. Egg automatic conveying system can improve the cleaning rate of eggs.
  5. It is convenient for disinfection, and it is easy to control the infection of parasitic diseases and helminths such as coccidiosis;
  6. The automatic drinking water system can ensure that the water pressure in the nipple is equal, and the drinking water of the laying hens can be guaranteed.
  7. The design of the lengthened trough edge reduces the waste of feed and improves the effective conversion rate of feed.
  8. The ventilation effect is better to ensure that the laying hens in the cage system will not suffocate due to excessive temperature.
  9. Cooperating with the manure removal belt can ensure the cleanliness of the cage system, reduce the breeding of germs, and reduce the disease rate and mortality of laying hens.
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