Cage for Chicks

  1. Calculation method of daily feed intake for laying hens in cage for chicks

Before 10 days old: (day age+2)g
10-20 days old: (day age+1)g
20-50 days old: grams of material = day old
51-150 days old: 50+(day age-50)/2
Breeding chickens in cage for chicks over 150 days old: stable over 100g
Egg production peak in cage for chicks : about 120g
According to the above calculation method, the cumulative consumption of one hen is 8.84kg when it reaches 150 days of age, and the annual consumption of laying hens is 36.5kg, which can basically meet the needs of laying eggs.

2.Calculation method of daily feed intake of broilers (based on Ross 308 broiler)

1-10 days old: the first day: 6g, then increase by 4g per day, such as: 7 days: 30g
11-20 days old: (day age-2)/10 *50 such as: 15 days: 65g
21-30 days old: (day age-1)/10 *50 such as: 26 days 125g
31-40 days old: daily age/10*50 such as: 35 days 175g
40-50 days old: 200g

cage for chicks

Under normal circumstancesin cage for chicks , when fed with full-price feed, each chicken eats 4.5kg in total, and the average weight can reach 2.5kg. Usually, the chickens should not exceed the daily feed intake during breeding. If it exceeds, the chickens are considered abnormal. , In the process of feeding and management, it is necessary to appropriately limit its feed intake, otherwise the chickens are prone to disease or difficult to control after the disease.

  1. Clinical application of several Escherichia coli drugs

They are both Escherichia coli drugs, but their characteristics are different. Only by making full use of their characteristics can treat diseases with half the effort. Cephalosporin (containing fosfomycin sodium and calcium) has a significant effect in the treatment of Houtou syndrome after 1-2 hours. It is the fastest drug for the treatment of swollen head syndrome. It is combined with lactams, aminoglycosides and fluoroquinolones. All have synergy. First use apramycin for 2 hours and then use fluoroquinolones to use time difference therapy, and the effect is good.
Flofenicol has the characteristics of quick-acting and long-acting, long half-life, long-lasting effective blood drug concentration in the body, and also has a certain curative effect on the respiratory tract.

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