Brooding Cages for Chickens

Equipment of brooding cages for chickens

1.Manure cleaning system: It can realize regular and automatic manure cleaning, which is simple and convenient to operate, saves human resources, improves the environment of the chicken house, and reduces the occurrence of diseases.
2.Feeding system: a feeding system specially designed for cage equipment. The feeding machine has a unique structure, relatively low noise, flexible and convenient, simple operation, time-saving and labor-saving, and is favored by many farmers.
3.Cages: mainly include laying hen cages, brooding cages for chickens and broiler cages, and most farmers now use cages, which can not only effectively prevent infectious diseases, improve the survival rate of chickens, but also effectively improve the economics of raising chickens benefit.
4.Ventilation and cooling system: The main equipment is the fan water curtain. The cooling process of the system is completed in the “wet curtain paper”, which can convert the outdoor hot air into cold air to reduce the indoor temperature.
Corrosion-resistant, the service life can be as long as 10-20 years, and the high-quality PP bottom net can effectively reduce the occurrence of breast diseases in broilers.

transfer chicken brooder cage

Advantages of brooding cages for chickens

  1. Automatic feeding and drinking system to meet 1-day-old chicks free to eat and drink
  2. The intelligent environmental control system keeps the room temperature constant and comfortable, and improves the survival rate and growth rate of chickens
  3. The automatic poultry lifting system developed and designed by the company can greatly increase the convenience and speed of chicken feeding.
  4. Conveyor belt type automatic manure cleaning, reduce labor intensity, dry and hygienic.
  5. Adjustable drinking water system, which can meet the drinking water demand of chicks for one day
  6. Intelligent environmental control system, keep the room temperature constant and comfortable, improve the survival rate and growth rate of chickens
  7. The service life can be as long as 10-20 years or more
  8. Brooding cages for chickens are divided into two types: A type and H type.
  9. Adopt advanced ventilation system, feeding water supply system, lighting system and automatic environmental control system
  10. Save energy, improve labor productivity, and reduce feed-to-egg ratio
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