Broiler Chicken Cages

In recent years, the broiler breeding model in townships has been constantly developing and changing. The survey found that the three-dimensional broiler cage breeding model of most broiler farmers has been more and more widely used, gradually replacing the traditional online breeding and ground level breeding.
1. The basic situation of local broiler chicken cages
In the past few years, broiler chicken farmers were raised online and on the ground. Most of the farmers had a breeding scale of 2,000-3,000 chickens. Now farmers are restricted by land and other aspects, and broiler chicken cages breeding has quietly emerged in the local area. The scale is mostly 2-3 times that of the original. According to farmers’ feedback, the biggest advantage of this cage mode compared to the previous online flat cultivation mode is that it saves land, heating costs, medicine costs, and good temperature control.
2. Broiler chicken cages mode
Broiler chicken cages adopt overlapping chicken cages, and each row adopts a vertical three-layer cage method, which reduces the incidence of epidemic diseases compared with traditional flat-raised broilers; broilers do not come into contact with feces, which is conducive to controlling coccidiosis and intestinal tract Disease occurrence, and chicken manure leaks under the chicken cage, it can be cleaned up in time to reduce the content of harmful gases in the house and reduce the chance of disease occurrence; because the chickens are raised in the cage off the ground, it is conducive to air circulation and provides a suitable environment for broilers conditions, and lay the foundation for the production of green and pollution-free food. Through investigation, farmers reported that the average slaughter days per batch of broiler chicken cages was about 40 days, the average survival rate was about 97%, the average slaughter weight was about 5 catties, and the average feed-to-meat ratio was 1.6-1.8:1. Chicken net profit 3 yuan(RMB).

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Broiler chicken cages
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