Stocking Density in Chicken Brooder Cage

The stocking density in chicken brooder cage is closely related to the growth and health of chicks. If the density is too high, the group will be crowded and the environmental humidity wil increases, which will cause the uneven distribution in chicken brooder cage. Then the chicks are stunted, easy to be pecked, weak, and the mortality rate will increases, the growth rate decreases. If the stocking density is low, although it is good for the survival and growth of chicks, it is not conducive to heat preservation and profit. Density should be adjusted according to species, breed, brood-rearing method, season, age, ventilation conditions, etc. When chicks reach the age of 3-4 weeks, the stocking density in chicken brooder cage should be decreased by 30%, and 15% at 5-6 weeks of age.

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When the stocking density in chicken brooder cage is appropriate, the chicks are evenly distributed without obvious gathering and can move freely and stretch comfortably in the sleep state. When the feeding density in chicken brooder cage is too high, the chicks are crowded and compete with each other for food, so the weight is uneven and the growth rate is slow. The utilization rate of the chicken brooder cage is relatively low when the stocking density is low, which is not conducive to heat preservation. The stocking density should be adjusted with the increase of age.

Broiler chicken is suitable for high density raising for its high economic value, but it also depends on the specific working conditions. Generally, stocking density in chicken brooder cage can be increased by 10% in winter and reduced by 10%-20% in summer. Due to the rapid growth and development of broiler chickens, they can be harvested at the age of 40-45 days, so the automatic control breeding system equipment and breeding density are mainly calculated by the number of chickens per square meter at the time of leaving the factory.

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