Safe Temperature and Ventilation in Brooding Cages (accompanying chick temperature chart)


If adapts the natural ventilation method in semi-open brooding cages house, we can gradually open the sunny windows of the brooding cages house from narrow to wide-open status at 12:00 a.m. The doors or windows can not be opened widely of a sudden. It is also unadoptable that let cold wind blow chicks straightly. The ventilation time is generally 0.5-1 hour. To prevent the decrease of the house temperature, we need to increase the house temperature by 33-84℉ before ventilation, and then reduce it to the original temperature after ventilation is complete. The closed brooding cages are mainly ventilated through the use of ventilation fan, air inlet window and cooling pad. The specific requirements for ventilation are 0.03-0.06 cubic meters per minute in winter and early spring, and 0.12 cubic meters per minute in summer.


Preheat the brooding cages two days before accommodating chicks until the temperature reaches 86℉. Increasing temperature to 95-100℉ for 1-week-old chicks, and to 86-91.4℉ for 2-week-old chicks. Decrease 35℉ per growing week until it reaches 64℉~68℉.

Temperature Checking

  • The first way to check if the temperature in brooding cages is suitable is to check the thermometer, which is hung 5 to 10 centimeters from the net.
  • The second way is to observe the state of the flock. If the temperature is appropriate, the chicks will be lively, have good appetite,  drink moderate water, sleep well with evenly distributed sleep positions.
  • If the temperature is too low, the chicks will be close to the heat source, which is easy to cause dysentery, trample and death. If the temperature is too high, they will be away from the heat source.

Chick Temperature Chart

Poultry Chicks Brooding Temperature Chart
Temperature for chicks
chick house light
Lights for chicks
Relative humidity for chicks
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