Profit Comparison Between A Type and H Type Layer Battery Cage

With the development of economy and society and the dual pressure thrived from land shortage and environmental pollution, an objective social problem arises: how to transform the traditional layer breeding mode to intensive, high efficiency and automation?
After years of practice and evolution conducted by poultry practitioners, there are mainly two types of layer battery cage that are widely used in intensive poultry chicken farming — A type layer battery cage and H type layer battery cage.

A Type Layer Battery Cage

Each cage cell is 390mm long, 36mm wide and 385mm high. 3-tier set of A type layer battery cage can raise about 90-120 birds and 4-tier can hold 120-160 birds. Using cold/hot galvanized wire, layer battery cage is durable and has a strong anti-corrosion function. Layer battery cage in the case of normal ventilation can be used for 10(cold Galvan)-20(hot Galvan) years. 

A layer battery cage
A type layer battery cage

H Type Layer Battery Cage

96-256 birds can be raised in 3-8 tiers H type layer battery cage to maximize the land usage rate and economic profit. The cell size of FamTECH’s H type layer battery cage is 600mm (length)*600mm (width)*680mm (height).

H type layer battery cage
H layer battery cage

Profit Comparison Result:

The experiment was carried out on the same poultry house and used the same breeding type, feeder, land area and support equipment, and the results show that both types of layer battery cage has:

  • Effective use of land, high space utilization, easy to achieve scale and intensification;
  • High utilization rate of fecal drying, minimizing environmental pollution;
  • Effectively improve labor efficiency and realize automated production;

The advantages of the fully enclosed model and the effective control of the occurrence of epidemic diseases are of great significance to the realization of sustainable development. Under the same technical indicators that the egg production of layer chickens in the 72nd week of age has reached 20 kg, the feed-egg ratio has reached 2.12:1, and the death rate is 4%, H type layer battery cage can increase the economic benefit by 0.36 USD per chicken.

In a word, compared with traditional farming, both types of layer battery cage can greatly increase the farming density and save land. On this basis, A type layer battery cage requires less investment and is suitable for small-scale farming, while H type layer batery cage has higher returns and is suitable for large-scale and sustainable farming.

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