How to Diagnose Disease from the Color of Chicken Poop?

White Chicken Poop

When the chicken poop is yellow-white or gray-white paste and not formed, it is generally possible that pullorum or fowl cholera has occurred. When pullorum occurs, sick chickens often discharge sticky, lime-like poop, which sticks to the chicken anus, resulting in difficulty in defecation. When fowl cholera occurs, sick chickens often have severe diarrhea and discharge gray-white poop. When chicken poop is white or yellow-white watery, mixed with white urate particles, it may be infectious bursal disease. It is also seen in chickens with no appetite, paralysis and uremia. In addition, inclusion body hepatitis, chicken paratyphoid fever, egg-laying syndrome, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc. can be seen pulling white watery loose poops. If there is milky white milk-like poop, watery, like milk poured on the ground, it is more common in mucosal congestion, mild enteritis or Vibrio hepatitis.

Bloody Chicken Poop

The most common cause of red poop in chickens is coccidiosis. Chicks before and after 1 month of age have bloody chicken poop, which is usually caused by cecal coccidiosis. Chicks can pull bloody chicken poop in the early stage of acute cecal hepatitis and can pull bloody chicken poop in the later stage of leukocytosis. Chickens recovering from coccidiosis, taeniasis, ascariasis and enteritis can also cause bloody chicken poop, and the poop is fleshy red, like rotten meat. In addition, inorganic or organic poisoning can also cause intestinal bleeding and bloody chicken poop. Necrotizing enteritis, Newcastle disease, mold corn poisoning, etc. can also cause blood in chicken poop. Among the above diseases, except for cecal coccidiosis, which often has bright bloody chicken poop, which is easy to identify, bloody chicken poop caused by other diseases or causes is mostly dark red in appearance and must be carefully observed. Under normal circumstances, the poop is dark red, black or tea-black, which is common in upper gastrointestinal bleeding, and the poop is red or bright red, which is more common in lower gastrointestinal bleeding.

Black Chicken Poop

It is a kind of bloody chicken poop. Because black chicken poop is often caused by bleeding in the front part of the digestive tract, such as the duodenum and small intestine, the appearance of poop is mostly black or tea-black, and it is occult blood. If the poop is rust-colored watery and mixed with urate, it is more common in the early stage of Newcastle disease poisoning and another serious gastrointestinal bleeding. In addition, gizzard erosion caused by rotting fish meal poisoning can also cause melena.

Bgreen Chicken Poop

Green is due to the mixture of bile and intestinal shed tissue cells, the most common cause is Newcastle disease. Sick chickens generally pull sticky, foul-smelling green loose poop, and the poop is black and green, accompanied by symptoms such as depression, decreased appetite, and difficulty breathing. Later, other symptoms such as neurological symptoms and egg loss appear. In addition, fowl cholera and leukocytosis can also cause sick chickens to pull green chicken poop, colibacillosis, Marek’s disease and lymphoid leukemia, avian typhoid, chicken chlamydia, laryngotracheitis, etc. . If the chickens eat too much grass-meal feed, the discharged poop will also be green, but this kind of poop is dry and hard and can be easily distinguished from the green chicken poop of sick chickens.

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