Prevention of Anus Prolapse of Layer Chicken in Chicken Egg Layer Cages

The main reasons for anus prolapse of layer chicken in chicken egg layer cage

  1. Accepting excessive long time of illumination before starting laying egg will cause layer chicken to lay egg prematurely and then cause prolapse of the anus.
  2. The protein level in the diet of layer chicken is too high, and the low energy concentration will cause an increase in sexual maturity, which is easy to cause prolapse.
  3. Insufficient vitamin A and vitamin E in the diet of layer chicken can easily induce inflammation and cause fallopian tube stenosis and anus 
  4. Long-time diarrhea causes excessive water consumption in the layer chicken’s body, resulting in severe dehydration, and the inability to secret lubricate fluid effectively in the fallopian tube mucosa. The dry reproductive tract will cause anus prolapse of layer chicken when they lay eggs.
  5. The chickens are crowded and the stocking density in chicken egg layer cage is high. During egg-laying, the fallopian tubes or cloaca are damaged by scraping and inserting by the cage wire, which makes it difficult to reset and causes inflammation and leads to prolapse of the anus.
  6. Environmental factors and pathological factors are also the main reasons for prolapse of layer chicken. Such as poor ventilation, poor sanitation, etc.; diseases such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli, etc.

Prevention and treatment of anus prolapse of layer chicken in chicken egg layer cage

  1. For layer chicken that is younger than 20 weeks, the weekly lighting time in chicken egg layer cage should not exceed 12-13 hours. After the age of 20 weeks, the daily light time should be increased by 0.5 hours until the daily lighting time is increased to 16 hours, and it will remain stable in the future. The light should not suddenly be long or short, suddenly be strong or weak.
  2. Strengthen nutrition and feeding management during the peak egg production period, pay attention to the supply of nutrients, rationally configure the diet formula according to the egg production level of the flock, and add appropriate amount of vitamins and trace elements.
  3. Control the density of layer chicken, 5-6 laying hens per square meter is appropriate, and pay attention to hygiene, strengthen ventilation, and regularly do disinfection management.
  4. To reduce stress reaction, observe the mental state of chickens and provide them with a quiet and comfortable laying environment. It is strictly forbidden to set off fireworks and firecrackers around the chicken egg layer cage.
  5. Drug treatment. Magnesium sulfur (purity of 99%) is dissolved in water at a proportion of 0.03% and can be drunk freely for 3-4 days.
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