Layer Cage

Chicken Layer Cage

Chicken layer cage is a more popular form of breeding layer chickens wordwide, the reason why it is so popular is that the design of the chicken layer cage provides a comfortable environment for the chicken so that the chicken plays a better role in the feeding process, the main advantages of the design of the layer cage are manifested in the front net and cage door, the density of cage feeding, and the angle of rolling eggs.

Advantages of Chicken Layer Cage:

1. The scientific chicken layer cage design will effectively reduce the fatigue of the chicken in the cage, improve the egg production rate, and the egg damage rate reaches the minimum.

2. The national standard Q235 steel endows chicken layer cage good elasticity so it has no deformation, and does not sag for life.

3. Double-layer galvanizing, so that the chicken layer cage can serve for years without embroidery, the service life can reach 10-20 years.

4. The chicken feeding door can be changed arbitrarily, and more chickens can be accommodated to eat together.

5. The chicken layer cage design structure is simple and less material is used, so the cost is low.

6. The installation is relatively simple and easy to use.

7. Reduce the chance of chickens getting injured

8. It can better protect the feathers of the chicken.

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